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About us

AN CONSULT ESPAÑA, S.L. is an engineering company located in Madrid, Spain, established in 1992.

Our business activities can be divided into two categories:

1: Development of automation and industrial IT projects in environmental and production plants.

  • design and implementation of total control systems for water plants (sewage plants, potable water plants)
  • design and implementation of optimisation systems for sewage plants (compressor and airflow control in biological treatment)
  • data collection and management
  • industrial control systems: Design, installation and commissioning

2: Commercialization of products within the control and instrumentation area. We are distributors of:

 ibhsoftec logo

IBHsoftec Gmbh, Germany.

  • Programming tools for S5 and S7 PLCs 
  • "PLC in PC" programs
  • EPROM programmers and erase devices


 sh Logo web

Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Input output board for S5, S7
  • Remote I/O for PLC systems
  • Seriel communication boards for S5/S7
  • Profibus connectors


 isic logo

ISIC A/S, Denmark

  • Industrial flatscreen PC
  • Monitors for panelmounting
  • PCs and monitors for marine zones


 RTCU logo

Logic I/O, Denmark

  • Supervision and control via GSM / GPRS
  • Alarms to PCs and GSM-telephones (SMS)
  • GPS systems
  • Programmable local units
  • Control of digital and analog signals from normal telephone
  • E-mail alarms
  • Voice alarms


 igss logo
Schneider Electric SA, Denmark.
  • SCADA system IGSS for Win7, Win2008 server, Vista, Win2003 server and WinXP
  • Systems from 50 to 400.000 elements
  • Many options as standard: Maintenance module,report writer, VBA, OPC UA, Faceplate, etc.
  • Drivers for all common control systems.


 oxy logo
Oxyguard, Denmark.
  • Measurement and control of dissolved oxygen.
  • Portable and stationary systems for measuring oxygen in waste water and industry.
  • Systems for PPB measurement.


roger logo
Roger GPS, Finland
  • ROGER GPS repeater operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals to the indoor area or covered space.
  • Repeaters for vehicles.


PCH logo
PCH Engineering, Denmark
  • PCH Engineering A/S is a Danish production company focusing on equipment for monitoring of vibrations. Their focus on vibration monitoring and analysis have resulted in a unique set of competencies. They are first-movers within the field of real-time vibration safety monitoring and control.

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