Specialists in industrial automation equipment since 1992

Programming and monitoring of industrial processes, networks and communications

AN CONSULT ESPAÑA, S.L. is an engineering company located in Madrid, Spain, established in 1992.

Our business activities can be divided into two categories:

1: Development of automation and industrial IT projects in environmental and production plants.

  • design and implementation of total control systems for water plants (sewage plants, potable water plants)
  • design and implementation of optimisation systems for sewage plants (compressor and airflow control in biological treatment)
  • data collection and management
  • industrial control systems: Design, installation and commissioning

2: Commercialization of products within the control and instrumentation area. We are distributors of:

IBHsoftec Gmbh, Germany.

  • Programming tools for S5 and S7 PLCs 
  • «PLC in PC» programs
  • EPROM programmers and erase devices

Helmholz GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Input output board for S5, S7
  • Remote I/O for PLC systems
  • Seriel communication boards for S5/S7
  • Profibus connectors

ISIC A/S, Denmark

  • Industrial flatscreen PC
  • Monitors for panelmounting
  • PCs and monitors for marine zones

Logic I/O, Denmark

  • Supervision and control via GSM / GPRS
  • Alarms to PCs and GSM-telephones (SMS)
  • GPS systems
  • Programmable local units
  • Control of digital and analog signals from normal telephone
  • E-mail alarms
  • Voice alarms

Schneider Electric SA, Denmark.

  • SCADA system IGSS for Win7, Win2008 server, Vista, Win2003 server and WinXP
  • Systems from 50 to 400.000 elements
  • Many options as standard: Maintenance module,report writer, VBA, OPC UA, Faceplate, etc.
  • Drivers for all common control systems.

Oxyguard International A/S, Denmark.

  • Measurement and control of dissolved oxygen.
  • Portable and stationary systems for measuring oxygen in waste water and industry.
  • Systems for PPB measurement.
  • Hand-held measurement instruments.

Roger GPS, Finland

  • ROGER GPS repeater operates by receiving GPS satellite signals with an antenna located outside the building and re-radiating the signals to the indoor area or covered space.
  • Repeaters for vehicles.

PCH Engineering, Denmark

  • PCH Engineering A/S is a Danish production company focusing on equipment for monitoring of vibrations. Their focus on vibration monitoring and analysis have resulted in a unique set of competencies. They are first-movers within the field of real-time vibration safety monitoring and control.
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